Welcome to Chimera Bengals

We are a  private cattery located in North Florida and we are TICA registered. We have 12 breeding bengal cats, 2 Asian Leopards,  and a Savanah who is 80% African Serval. We produce F1 and SBT in the bengal line. Our breeding stock has been developed over several years specializing in beautiful roseted and Leopard spotted kittens.

Our cattery was custom built with central heat and A/C, over 2500 square feet of ceramic tile and complete drain systems. This provides for the comfort of our breeders and is designed for ease of cleaning to assure and maintain a clean healthy enviorment.

Once our kittens are born they are brought into a real home enviorment where they are hand fed as early as 14 days to promote bonding and socialization. This makes for well adjusted kittens who are comfortable interacting with us humans. Our kittens and breeders are fed primarily a raw meat diet to futher insure optimum health.

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